The Isles of Penicia: An RPG Experience James Keely

ISBN: 9781452097459

Published: January 18th 2011


348 pages


The Isles of Penicia: An RPG Experience  by  James Keely

The Isles of Penicia: An RPG Experience by James Keely
January 18th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 348 pages | ISBN: 9781452097459 | 6.63 Mb

Your Adventure Begins Penicia is a world far from our own. It abounds with magic, enchanted creatures, perilous dangers and thrills. The races dwell in peace with each other but constantly contend with the fierce creatures of this vast world. You may face Dragons, Mutant Bats, or the horrific Goblin race bent on world domination.Choose an occupation to excel in: Knight, Savage, Ninja, Enchanter, Alchemist, Mentalist or many more. Then by force of will, strength of heart and courage in your abilities face the challenges of Penicia.During your travels, you will acquire knowledge, treasures and enlightenment.

You may gain fame and fortune or you may perish an unsung hero in the middle of a desert, jungle or within the depths of the world. Either way you shall journey within the infinite realms of theIsles of Penicia.

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