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The Barbarian and The Amazons  by  Susan Strict

The Barbarian and The Amazons by Susan Strict
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Whether its beautiful, powerful women and their captive males, or dominating men and their bound prisoners, this novel has it all.  From the co-authors of best-selling Two for Torture and The Temple of Vesta, Susan Strict and John Savage, this story tells of the capture of a young man by man-hating Amazons (who, of course, need to have a captive male from time to time for breeding purposes).  The young mans father, once a wild barbarian but now a peaceful villager, is determined to rescue his son.  Capturing a young Amazon, he hopes to trade her, but the Queen of the Amazons is determined not to give up her new toy.  He slowly tames the girl he has captured, but his task remains to find a way to free his son.

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